Pilgrim Coffeehouse was started by a group of folks from North Seattle who could see the need in a neighborhood of Seattle, specifically along the North Aurora Corridor, for a community gathering spot. The heart and goal has always been to open a premium cafe with quality coffee, delicious bites, and a welcoming environment for every guest; no matter their walk of life.

A crowd-funding effort in 2015 provided our initial capital, however it wasn’t enough to open the cafe of our dreams. Knowing that a good story always include overcoming obstacles, we continued to move forward with a mobile coffee truck concept that would reflect the passion for quality service, delicious coffee, and tasty bites that would one day be present in our brick and mortar cafe.

We currently exist as Pilgrim Coffee Truck – a vintage Ford truck with a full-service espresso bar on the flatbed. This pop-up cafe experience is perfect for weddings, community and sporting events, and (of course) car shows! We are also pursuing a regular spot on North Aurora (which we lovingly call “Nora”) so we can serve our long-term guests. Our hope is to open a brick and mortar coffeehouse in our Nora neighborhood by 2021 – “Because Nora Deserves Good Coffee.”