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Mario & Angelica's Miracles - Nicaragua

Mario & Angelica's Miracles - Nicaragua

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"Miracles" - Relationship Coffee from Nicaragua

The road to Mario & Angelica's farm was an adventure in itself. Along the way, we had to test our truck through a 4 foot deep "creek" that flowed over the main road. We finally understood why our host had "highly recommended" we rent a 4x4. 

As we approached the farm, a man sped up behind us on a motorcycle. With a huge grin and kind waves, we assumed he was entertained while Justin and Jake rode in the bed of the truck, enjoying the bouncing ride. Upon arrival, we realized the man following us was, in fact, Mario. We greeted each other and he eagerly began the tour. 

As it was nearing noon, we were starting to get hungry. Keith made a quick joke about getting some lunch soon and Mario reached down and pulled up a massive carrot - which was growing on one of his hillsides - and tossed it to Keith. We all followed suit, snacking on delicious carrots, sugar cane, and new tree fruits as he guided us along his farm. 

There was so much to see at this farm. A real ox pulling a plow, a hand-dug well up on the hill (which Mario and his son Elmer bragged they dug out in a couple days!), and  hundreds of new coffee plants ready to plant! 

We paid $4.93/pound for this lovely coffee and sell it to you roasted for $22.50 (300g). We can claim first hand that this price is ensuring good working conditions, better pay, and an overall better life to the hands who process this coffee. This margin also allows us to reinvest in more coffee from these farmers in the coming years

Notes of Pear, Cherry, & Apple with a walnut finish

Medium Roast - Perfect for drip or French press

"Relationship Coffee" at Pilgrim Coffeehouse means:
1) We've traveled to origin
2) We know the farmers by name
3) We purchased directly from the producers

This is one of 3 of our featured coffees this season from Gold Mountain Coffee Producers. We will be returning to Nicaragua in January to witness the upcoming harvest!

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