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Rainforest Microlot - Nicaragua Roasted Coffee

Rainforest Microlot - Nicaragua Roasted Coffee

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Finca Idealista Caturra "Rainforest Microlot" - Relationship Coffee from Nicaragua

 Our first full day in Nicaragua was a day of learning. I mean, the whole trip was, but that first day - as we traveled from Managua towards Matagalpa, through various landscapes and road conditions - we were like wide-eyed children as we took it all in. Equipped with a 4x4, we decided to take the scenic route as our first meeting wasn't scheduled until the afternoon. We drove through towns and various settlements, gave a mom and her two young kids a ride to church in the flatbed, and stopped at a roadside market for fresh mangos and plantain chips.

The road to Finca Idealista was our first true driving test; up a steep mountain-side on loose gravel. We were greeted by Marcelino, the manager of the flagship farm for Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. He walked us through a garden that featured the variety of coffee plants we would see on our tour. Then we hopped back in the truck, and headed into the jungle. 

We drove to the top of a hill that overlooked the rows of coffee trees. We got out and took it all in. Marcelino began by sharing some of their techniques to ensure health of the plants, production of better coffee cherries, and even pruning that keeps the farmers from having to reach high above their heads during harvest.

We hiked up to a lookout shelter that... well... I'm not sure if I can put to words. Literally breathtaking. Coffee farm, meets jungle, meets valleys, meets mountains. We caught our breath and enjoyed the view - knowing this was a moment we would never forget.

Marcelino had more to show us. We followed eagerly. A tour of the rainforest (what??!!), more hillsides covered with coffee plants, mills and washing stations, drying beds, fermentation tanks, and finally a shared meal overlooking a waterfall. What a day!

We paid $6.30/pound for this lovely coffee and sell it to you roasted for $22.50 (300g). We can claim first hand that this price is ensuring good working conditions, better pay, and an overall better life to the hands who process this coffee. Gold Mountain Coffee Growers also bought that rainforest just to save it. We can all get on board with that commitment to preservation. 

Notes of Honey & Apple with a Cherry finish

Medium Roast - Perfect for drip or French press; but don't skip it on Aeropress

"Relationship Coffee" at Pilgrim Coffeehouse means:
1) We've traveled to origin
2) We know the farmers by name
3) We purchased directly from the producers

This is one of 3 of our featured coffees this season from Gold Mountain Coffee Producers. We will be returning to Nicaragua in January to witness the upcoming harvest!

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