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The Brix Breaker - Nicaragua Roasted Coffee

The Brix Breaker - Nicaragua Roasted Coffee

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"The Brix Breaker" - Relationship Coffee from Nicaragua

After driving up mountain roads through the jungles of Nicaragua, we were guided down a steep gravel slope into a small village. Here we met Juan Carlos, a young and meek man, who kindly welcomed us with few words and beckoned us to follow him around his farm. With our guide, Ana, helping us ask a few questions here and there, we walked his small farm in about 20 minutes. Between coffee trees grew patches of potatoes and beans, a practice we saw at other farms as well. When asked about how many people help him with his farm, Juan Carlos smirked, replied "six", and continued walking. 

At the end of the short tour, we came back to his humble mill and drying beds. We looked around and talked to Ana about the coffee that was laying out in the sun. We turned around and Juan Carlos was back on his porch, waiting for a truck to come take his haul of potatoes to market. The tour was over and it was time to get back to work. 

When we tasted Juan Carlos' Brix Breaker back at the production center, we knew we had to bring this to our guests in Seattle. It's sweet and complex, more like an east African coffee, but with the nuttiness of a Central American coffee. 

We paid $13/pound for this lovely coffee and sell it to you roasted for $22.50 (300g). We can claim first hand that this price is ensuring good working conditions, better pay, and an overall better life to the hands who process this coffee. 

Notes of Papaya, Mango, and Blackberry - Complex and sweet like a red wine

Light Roast - Perfect for a pour-over

"Relationship Coffee" at Pilgrim Coffeehouse means:
1) We've traveled to origin
2) We know the farmers by name
3) We purchased directly from the producers

This is one of 3 of our featured coffees this season from Gold Mountain Coffee Producers. We will be returning to Nicaragua in January to witness the upcoming harvest!

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